"Assessment of information and communication literacy at middle-school graduates" project - second phase

The second phase of the project started In January 2020. As a part of this phase, a series of launching webinars on training specialists of educational organizations involved in assessment of information and communication literacy of 9 grades students will be held in February. 

The assesment which will be attended by more than 30,000 9 grades students will be held in March-April 2020.

The monitoring results will help answer the following questions:

1. What is the difference in ICL level in different federal subjects in Russia?

2. What characteristics of students (the level of accessibility of digital technologies, theis skills in using it) reported by themselves are related to theis ICL level?

a) how do these characteristics vary across general education schools

b) in what degree of dependency between these characteristics and monitoring results ICL can differ in different federal subjects

3. What personal and social characteristics of students (gender, socio-economic status) are related to the level of IC literacy?

Monitoring results

The monitoring will heip us to asses, how the integration of IC technologies and e-educational resources into educational process let us realize the active approach and the student-centered training.

The materials are attached.