The "Winter school-2016" results

On 10-26 February, 2016, the developers of ICL Test tool from National Trainong Foundation with the support of the World Bank held "Winter school-2016"

Classes were held in the form of short-term (1.5 hours) webinars with subsequent individual work, where the students familiarized with the theoretical material and solved practical tasks.

The main aim of "Winter school-2016" was the studying of the features of using the ICL Test tool in different educational contexts. The students got acquainted with factors and different pedagogical practices affecting the raising of IC literacy. They studied the use of assessment results to improve educational results of students.

During the training seminars, both the tool itself, approaches to the development of assessment tasks and processing of assessment results, the data of psychometric studies of assessment results, and comparative results of the studies were discussed.The participants of the seminars passed the assessment, evaluated the requirements for the levels of IC literacy. As an individual work, students were asked to develop a practical task or laboratory work that assist in formation of various components of the ICL, homework or project task (group or individual) for the development of the ICL.



The seminars received many positive rewievs:

"I really appreciate the opportunity to take courses. All the information was relevant. The most useful was the course on organizing activities aimed to the formation of information and communication literacy."

"All the information received in winter school turned to be useful for my pedagogical practice."

Based on the results of the Winter School 2016, Svetlana Avdeeva made a presentation at the World Bank seminar on February 29, 2016.