International Seminar on Information and Communication Literacy Assessment

On May 26-27, an international seminar on the assessment of information and communication (IC) literacy was held in Yerevan. The event, which was attended by experts from seven countries, involved the willingness of teenagers to use digital communication technologies for learning and solving life problems, the ability to find relevant information, evaluate it, integrate it, create new information on its basis and transmit it.

The tool for measuring the level of IC literacy — Information and Communication Literacy Test and assessment results were presented on the seminar.

Between 2011 and 2014 the information and communication literacy assessment of 9th grades students was conducted with the aim to assess general level of IC literacy of students and to identify factors that affected its formation, in order to subsequently assess the extent to which the integration of information and communication technologies and electronic educational resources in the school educational process allows you to implement an active approach and personality-oriented learning.