The assessment of information and communication literacy of 9th grade graduates of the Republic of Armenia using IC Literacy Test Tool

On March 11, 2014, the stage of operational assessment of the IC literacy of the ninth graders of the Republic of Armenia started.

Operational assessment is a mass testing of the target audience, up to testing all graduates of a primary school in a region / country. Before the operational assessment, 2 pilot assessments were carried out in order to verify the operation of assessment tasks and their adaptation, taking into account the cultural characteristics and educational standards of the country where the pilot assessment was conducted, as well as to verify the functioning of the automated assessment system.

The first pilot testing of students of Russian-language schools in Armenia was held in 2011. After the developers of IC Literacy Test adapted 16 assessment items, that make up the assessment version, into the Armenian language, they were tested in scools of the republic, and in March 2012 a full-fledged pilot assessment of students in urban and rural schools was held.

In 2013 jn the second pilot assessment the second assessment variant was tested.

More than 1500 students of urban and rural schools of all the regions of the Republic of Armenia will take part in the assessment in 2014.