4th Global Conference Russia Education Aid for Development (READ)

The 4th Global Conference Russia Education Aid for Development (READ) was held on May 12-16 in St. Petersburg.

This Russian assistance educational developing program was conformed in 2008 within the framework of cooperation between the Russian government and the World Bank (READ, Russia Education Aid for Developmentwith the aim of helping developing countries.

The READ program includes eight developing countries: Angola, Armenia, Vietnam, Zambia, Kyrgyzstan, Mozambique, Tajikistan and Ethiopia.

The program provides the necessary technical assistance, knowledge and analytical services, consulting services for member countries.

The main objectives of the program are promoting international development in the field of education and supporting member countries in building the capacity of institutions responsible for measuring academic achievement and using this data to increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

The ICL Test tool, which was used for the IC literacy assessment of Armenian primary school graduates as part of the READ program, and its results were presented at the Conference.



More information on the Russia Education Aid for Development (READ) program and conference you can find on the World Bank website World Bank website.