The first stage of experimental work at the Rachevsky school is completed

In April – May 2014, using the ICL Test tool, the National Training Foundation conducted an assessment on the information and communication literacy of 8th and 9th grade students at the Education Center № 548 "Tsaritsyno"

Subsequent analysis of the data showed that almost everyone had access to a computer at home, while access to computers at school is very limited, especially in the classroom. Ninth-graders noted a more intensive use of a computer within the school during lessons and especially outside of classes, which probably affected their higher level. However, students in both the 8th and 9th grades showed a very high level of IC literacy.


The assessment was both diagnostic (in case of 9th grades) and experimental - according to the results of 8th grade students, recommendations were given on the formation of individual educational paths in order to increase the level of IC literacy. During the first half of the year, as a part of the educational process, additional innovative techniques and pedagogical technologies will be used in the selected experimental classes. Later the diagnostic assessment will be conducted. 

Such research work will help to determine strategies and methods of working on the formation of information and communication literacy as one of the most important meta-subject results of mastering the basic educational program of basic general education.